Rainbow Beach - Kitesurfing lesson 2 hourRainbow Beach - Kitesurfing lesson 2 hourRainbow Beach - Kitesurfing lesson 2 hourRainbow Beach - Kitesurfing lesson 2 hour

Rainbow Beach - Kitesurfing lesson 2 hour

FROM $210.00

Learn to kitesurf in the most uncrowded and best beaches in Australia. We have waist deep water, big lagoons that take almost every wind direction and its always windy here! Instructor  over 10 years experience combined with perfect learning location and conditions will get you on the water fast!


Each lesson is broken into set criteria to get beginners onto the water and blasting with ease. Locations and beaches in the area are not only breathtaking, they are ideal for learning and together with instructors of 10+ years experience give beginners the perfect combination to enter the sport of kitesurfing.


Kitesurfing Lesson 1 (2hrs approx.):

  • Introduction
  • Safety procedures
  • Equipment setup
  • Kite control
  • Kite launching& landing

Kitesurfing Lesson 2 (2hrs approx):

  • Kite control: land& water
  • Kite launching& landing
  • Water re-launching
  • Body dragging
  • Self rescue and safety

Kitesurfing Lesson 3 (2hrs approx.):

  • Kite control: land& water
  • Harnessed jumping
  • Kite& Board skills
  • Upwind plaining                                                              
  • Location varies depending on wind direction and weather conditions, location will usually be either Rainbow front beach, Inskip Point or Double Island Point.

Please note that each person will progress differently. On average 2-4 lessons are required before the beginner will be competent enough to kitesurf without instructor supervision.

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From $210.00